Wearable Art

Nipple Crown #2 detail.jpg

There are many ways to resist and protest, Kate Tatsumi began creating a series of wearable art for marches in 2017. The first series she sewed was the Vulva Hats for the Los Angeles Womens March. The series was meant to bring some humor and light in a time of uncertainty and despair. Those against Trump and all that he stands for needed to be seen and heard so allies took to the streets. The hats are soft and bright pink, there are 6 of them to create a sense of unity among the group of artists Tatsumi was marching with. Sadly, the people needed to march again many times since then. In 2018 the series of Nipple Crowns was created. These celebrated the fetishized, hidden nipple so carefully tucked away for so long. These works inspire questions and dialogue centered around feminism and irony. These wearable hats and crowns were made in a difficult and energy charged time. They have never been worn outside of a protest and carry a unique history.